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We specialize in windshield repair for newer (year 2000+) cars, trucks & SUVs.

Important: If a windshield replacement would be a better option for you, we can work with your insurance to get you a fully-covered replacement instead.

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We Don't Push You into a Repair if a Replacement Would Be Better

Insurance Companies Prefer Repair

  • Your auto insurance company (or large national glass shop) will often push you towards repairing your windshield instead of replacing it.
  • This is because repairs are cheaper than replacements. Insurance companies, and the large shops they partner with, try to minimize costs by avoiding replacements when possible.
  • Even with 4-5 significant chips on your windshield, they will often try to get you to accept repairs instead of a new windshield!

In most cases, a full windshield replacement is a better solution

  • All repairs leave a visible mark - a repaired windshield never looks new again.
  • Repairs, especially for multiple chips, can result in a weakened windshield if the repairs are not properly performed.
  • With each additional chip or crack being repaired at one time, the odds of a technician mistake increase.

We work for you

  • In most cases, we recommend windshield replacement over windshield repair.
  • We work with your insurance to get your replacement covered.
  • If your insurance requires an in-person inspection before authorizing a replacement, we'll explain how the process works and how to get a replacement.
Windshield Replacement is Better

Expert Service Before, During & After Your Windshield Repair

Valley's Best Customer Service

  • Our local customer service team has expert knowledge of Arizona's unique insurance types & laws.
  • We're open 7 days a week, 362 days a year.

Why It's Important

  • We help most customers get their service paid by insurance.
  • You get fast, expert answers to any questions you may have at any point during your windshield repair service.

Experienced Technicians

  • We only hire experienced technicians (generally with 3+ years' experience). This helps ensure your windshield repair is done properly.

Why It's Important

  • Most issues with windshield services are caused by technician mistakes. Hiring only experienced technicians helps prevent mistakes with seal applications, chip repairs or anything else in your service.
Experienced Technicians

100% Lifetime Warranty

Covers All Materials & Labor Issues

  • For repairs, this includes the resin used to fill the chip(s) or crack(s), and the workmanship on the repair(s).

Why It's Important

  • You get full coverage for any issues with materials or labor on your service.

Lasts for Your Vehicle's Lifetime

  • As long as warranty form is present.
  • Fully transferable.

Why It's Important

  • No time limitation on your warranty coverage. It lasts for your vehicle's entire lifetime.

Good Anywhere in North America

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Why It's Important

  • No location restrictions on your warranty coverage. Good nationally and beyond.
Lasts for Your Vehicle's Lifetime

How Windshield Repair Works

1Clean Windshield
To begin, your technician will remove any glass debris or shards from the damaged area so it's clean and ready to be repaired.
2Tap Damaged Area
Next your technician will "tap", or drill, the damaged area to allow resin to flow into the chip or crack. Small chips may just require 1 tap, while large ones may require multiple taps for the resin to entirely fill the damage.
3Apply Repair Resin
The technician will inject resin into the damaged area through the tap(s). The resin will fill the damage so there won't be any air bubbles or spaces in your glass.
4Cure Resin
To cure the resin after it's been injected, the technician will use a special UV light that hardens the resin and turns it from a liquid into a solid.
5Polish Smooth
The last step is to polish the now-hardened resin smooth so it matches the rest of your glass. After polishing, your vehicle will be ready to drive!

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