Free Lifetime Chip Repairs ($300 Value) Offer Details

In addition to up to $275 cash back, insurance windshield replacement customers also get free chip repairs for life.

Your new windshield is fully protected from any small chips. Our free chip repairs offer lasts for your vehicle's lifetime and is good anywhere in Maricopa County, AZ.

Your New Windshield is Protected for Life


  • Free windshield chip repairs for your vehicle’s lifetime
  • Available anywhere in Maricopa County, AZ
  • Requires windshield replacement through insurance


  • 1Maintain vehicle safety in an accident
    The windshield is part of your vehicle’s safety structure. A damaged windshield can reduce your vehicle’s safety in a collision or rollover. Repairing any windshield chips or small cracks can help ensure your windshield functions properly in an accident.
  • 2Avoid glare and distraction while driving
    • Chips and cracks can obstruct the driver’s vision in 2 ways:
      • when they’re in the driver’s line of site,
      • or when incoming light reflects off them into the driver’s eyes like a prism.
    • Repairing a chip or small crack fills in the damage & helps minimize the “prism” effect it can cause.

How it Works

If you get a chip in your new windshield, simply contact us to schedule your free repair at any location you’d like in Maricopa County, AZ.

Value after 3 Years

1 chip repairs per year for 3 years (3 repairs): $300

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