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We specialize in door and rear glass for newer (year 2000+) cars, trucks & SUVs.

No cut corners – quality materials, expert technicians and all work backed by our 100% lifetime warranty.

The Valley's Best Door & Rear Glass Replacement


High Quality Materials

Quality Door & Rear Glass

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or equivalent glass
  • Sticker-matching OEM glass available
  • All glass meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications

Why It's Important

  • Maintain vehicle safety in a collision
  • For rear windshields, maintain defrost & all original functions

Premium Urethane Windshield Sealant

  • All rear windshields are installed with fast-acting, premium urethane

Why It's Important

  • Your vehicle will be ready to drive in the shortest possible time
  • Forms a high-quality, air & water-proof seal around your new rear windshield
Premium Urethane Windshield Sealant

Expert Service Before, During & After Your Glass Replacement

Valley's Best Customer Service

  • Our local customer service team has expert knowledge of Arizona's unique insurance types & laws.
  • We're open 7 days a week, 362 days a year.

Why It's Important

  • We help most customers get their service paid by insurance.
  • You get fast, expert answers to any questions you may have at any point during your door or rear glass service.

Experienced Technicians

  • We only hire experienced technicians (generally with 3+ years' experience). This helps ensure your entire service is done properly.

Why It's Important

  • Most issues with door and rear windshield replacement are caused by inexperienced technicians. Hiring only experienced technicians helps prevent mistakes with seal application or anything else in your service.
Experienced Technicians

100% Lifetime Warranty

Covers All Materials & Labor Issues

  • Any issues with materials, including the glass itself and the urethane sealant for rear windshields
  • Any issues with labor or workmanship for your new glass

Why It's Important

  • You get full coverage for any issues with materials or labor on your service.

Lasts for Your Vehicle's Lifetime

  • As long as warranty form is present and rear windshield sticker applied at time of service is intact.
  • Fully transferable.

Why It's Important

  • No time limitation on your warranty coverage. It lasts for your vehicle's entire lifetime.

Good Anywhere in North America

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico

Why It's Important

  • No location restrictions on your warranty coverage. Good nationally and beyond.
Lasts for Your Vehicle's Lifetime

How Door & Rear Glass Replacement Works

1Remove Damaged Glass
  • For door glass, this includes removing the door panel to access the glass, then removing the damaged window.
  • For rear windshields, this includes cutting through the existing urethane sealant that attaches the old rear windshield to the vehicle, then removing the damaged rear windshield.
2Prepare for Installation
  • For door glass, this includes checking the door to make sure all broken glass has been removed and the door is ready for its new glass window, then removing the door panel to access the glass.
  • For rear windshields, this includes removing and cleaning up the old sealant so a fresh new one can be applied.
3Install the New Glass
  • For door glass, this includes putting the new glass window in, checking to make sure it raises and lowers properly, then re-installing the door panel.
  • For rear windshields, this includes applying a new high-quality urethane sealant to the windshield and vehicle, then carefully placing the new rear windshield on the vehicle.
4Final Clean Up
Vacuum area around door or rear windshield, and check for any remaining debris.
5Drive-Away Time
  • For door glass, your vehicle will be ready to drive as soon as the technician is finished.
  • For rear windshields, the urethane seal around the new rear windshield will need to cure for a bit first. Your technician will let you know when your vehicle will be ready to drive.

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