Cash Back - up to $275 Offer Details

All windshield replacement customers who pay through their auto insurance are eligible for up to $275 free cash!

Learn how our free cash offer works, including who's eligible and how much cash you can get.

What is Cash Back

  • 1Cash back is a rebate for insurance windshield replacement customers.
  • 2Cash back is provided as a check made out to you.
  • 3Checks are sent after your windshield replacement service, and typically arrive in 7-14 days. We use checks to provide a proper, verifiable paper trail.
  • 4Once you receive your check, you can cash it and spend the money on whatever you like!

Who's Eligible for Cash Back?

Cash back is available for insurance windshield replacement customers.
Cash back is not available for any non-windshield replacement service, or any service where the customer pays out of pocket.

How Much Cash Can I Get?

  • We are currently offering up to $275 cash back.

  • The cash amount you're eligible for will depend on your vehicle year, make and model, plus your car insurance.

  • Our friendly customer service team can give you a free cash back quote in just a few minutes. Give us a call today to see how much you're eligible for!

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